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           Silroc International (H.K.) incorporated in Hong Kong in 1990 with a paid up capital of HK$700,000. The aims of the company is to provide quality pharmaceuticals, health food as well as pet products to the health professionals and pet lovers respectively in Hong Kong, Macau and P.R.China.         Directors are pharmaceutical professionals with vast experience in pharmaceutical and health care product markets not only in Hong Kong but in countries like France, Korea and UK. Over the years they have developed a good relationship with the outlets and an in-depth knowledge of the local market.         Silroc International is registered to the Medical and Health Department of Hong Kong as a registered pharmaceutical supplier. Most of its import products are pharmaceuticals which are registered with the Medical and Health Department.          Silroc International supplies products to government hospitals, private hospitals, old aged homes, private doctor clinics, pharmacies as well as drug stores.         In 2003, created a medical equipment section to market medical equipments and consumables. Now, distributor of “BEST” gloves of USA and “OMRON” health care electronic of Japan in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.Silroc International has been the sole agent of Laboratoires Du Lacteol and Laboratoires Thea of France since the start of its pharmaceutical marketing business. In 1995 Silroc participated with Lab. Lacteol in the registration and promotion of Lacteol products in China. We have demonstrated trustworthiness with our overseas partners.From time to time we invite opinion leaders to Hong Kong and organize seminars and professional talks to bring up-dated medical and pharmaceutical information to the health care professionals. Silroc also participated overseas conferences and training programmes organized by principles. We constantly strive for a better future and look for improvement in our pharmaceutical and business knowledge. Because we strongly believe business knowledge is imperative in this highly competitive pharmaceutical industry. We encourage and sponsor staffs to take business and continuous professional courses. In 2003 a medical equipment department to provide medical consumables and equipment to the medical field is established. This will be the major development business for Silroc in 2003.