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October 2021
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Natural anti-epidemic helper: HOCL

Natural disinfectant to prevent infectious diseases As the saying goes: prevention is better than cure; not smoking, a balanced diet and moderate exercise can help reduce the risk of disease. However, measles, influenza, and hand-foot-mouth disease have broken out one after another. How can we prevent these invisible pathogens? Due to environmental constraints, it may…

Does the child face learning disabilities? Keep in mind the 3 main points!

There is no quick solution to learning disabilities, but you can consider the following steps to help your child. How can I help children with learning disabilities? As a parent, if your child has been struggling, your first instinct always wants to jump in and help. But there is no quick fix for learning disabilities,…

French Traditional Medicine: HOMEOPATHY

Alternative natural aids Homeopathy uses natural plants, minerals or animals as raw materials, and advocates “treating the same with the same”, with unique micro-dose to treat symptoms caused by the same substance. For example, a micro-dose of coffee is used to treat insomnia. The micro-dose sends a signal to the body and relies on the…