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Natural anti-epidemic helper: HOCL

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Natural disinfectant to prevent infectious diseases

As the saying goes: prevention is better than cure; not smoking, a balanced diet and moderate exercise can help reduce the risk of disease. However, measles, influenza, and hand-foot-mouth disease have broken out one after another. How can we prevent these invisible pathogens? Due to environmental constraints, it may not be possible to wash hands all the time; in addition to causing dry skin, alcohol-based handrubs cannot kill viruses such as hand, foot and mouth disease, and cannot be used for disinfection.

The human body also makes HOCl fungicide

The disinfectant component hydrogen hypochlorite (HOCl) is harmless to the human body, but it can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses, and the human body also relies on the HOCl produced by white blood cells to kill pathogens. In addition to spraying hands and household objects, it can also disinfect the environmental space in the form of atomization to prevent cross-infection. Make the disinfection of homes, hospitals, and hospitals safer and more effective.