FILLMED Locks in moisture, nourishes and resists wrinkles, awakening cells to self-repair

The anti-aging product “Filorga Youth Energy” originated from France. Everyone who has tried it praises it and the effect is very obvious. The new formula has been developed through long-term research and development by the French LABORATOIRES FILORGA laboratory. It has FDA, CE, and CFDA certification. It extracts the most precious 12 vitamins, 23 amino acids, and 6 minerals from pollution-free pure plant embryos in the mountains. , 6 kinds of coenzymes, 5 kinds of nucleic acids.

It provides good moisture-locking and anti-wrinkle effects for dry and sensitive skin, strengthens the skin’s defense ability, absorption function and repair ability, revitalizes and antioxidant effects, awakens human cells from deep inside, and restores normal cell division speed and regeneration. Differentiate new cells, making cells more active and making skin soft and smooth.

Anti-aging topical treatment product for intensive hydration and rejuvenation of tired or sagging skin, alleviating wrinkles and tightening aging and sagging skin. Suitable for mature skin, aging and dehydrated people.

  • Repair wrinkles: By activating the active repair mechanism of skin damage by up to 72%
  • Exogenous active moisturizing: minimize local moisture loss in the skin and increase skin moisture content to 132%
  • Promote blood circulation: the face is rosy and radiant, and the skin gloss reaches 144%
  • Ion balancing effect: has the ability to weaken or overcome mineral deficiencies: increase intracellular ions by 103%
  • Stimulate cell growth: can promote cell (human fibroblast) growth by 147%
  • Effectively improves the density of the dermis: extracellular collagen increases by 256% in 72 hours
  • Improve cell protection: resist free radical damage to cells by more than 90%
  • Collagen regeneration: Regeneration of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin reaches 366%, with longer-lasting effects
  • Vitamins: stimulate epithelial tissue to accelerate the production of keratinocytes and exfoliate the stratum corneum, promote collagen synthesis and inhibit the formation of melanin; regulate blood circulation, resist oxidation, promote metabolism, and maintain the function of skin tissue.
  • Amino acids: anti-aging, promoting skin tissue reorganization and cell self-repair.
  • Minerals: stimulate different cell activities, improve different biological metabolism, and directly provide new kinetic energy to skin metabolism.
  • Coenzyme: penetrates into cells and tissues for reorganization.
  • Nucleic acid: Stimulates indolent protein synthesis in the dermis, thereby reorganizing the overall tissue.

NCTF has been confirmed by independent research centers to have clear anti-aging effects:

  • New metabolism is accelerated by 147%, stimulating the proliferation of young and aging fibroblasts
  • Collagen increased by 256%, effectively improving the density of the dermis and increasing extracellular collagen.
  • Protects against 90% UV damage, exhibits significant anti-free radical activity, and provides cells with protection against oxidative stress
  • Increases gloss by 144%, promotes blood circulation, and makes your complexion rosy and radiant.

Filorga has CE certification, and the French accredited test and research center proves:

  • Fibroblasts grow 147%
  • Collagen synthesis reaches 256%
  • Anti-free radical rate reaches 90%
  • Elastase inhibitor gene up to 366%

1) Which parts is Filorga suitable for?

Filorga Youth Energy can be used on the face, neck, chest, back of hands, inner arms, inner thighs, abdominal stretch marks and head to treat hair loss, etc.

2) What problems can Filorga improve?

Filorga Youth Energy Factor comprehensively improves dark circles, eye bags, various stains, crow’s feet, melanin and other aging skin caused by various reasons. It can quickly make the skin white, shiny, firm and moisturized, remove yellowish air, enhance contours, and provide strong hydration, so that the face can regain its youthful appearance.

3) What is the difference between Filorga, Hyaluronic Acupuncture and Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid injection can hydrate the skin, make the skin more tender and smooth, and brighten the skin tone; hyaluronic acid can effectively smooth static wrinkles and replenish hyaluronic acid for the skin. The French “Filorga Youth Energy” is an expert in comprehensive skin management and provides comprehensive nutrition to the skin. It can awaken the self-repair ability of cells from deep within, has a good moisture-locking and moisturizing effect, and has obvious anti-aging effects. It is a living cell product, and the earlier it is used, the better the effect will be.

4) Filorga is compared to a “cocktail”?

Filorga Youth Energy contains 12 kinds of vitamins, 23 kinds of amino acids, 6 kinds of minerals, 6 kinds of coenzymes, 5 kinds of nucleic acids, 1 kind of antioxidant and non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients. These ingredients make up Filorga’s core formula “NCTF”, which can effectively help us repair and improve skin problems such as “roughness, dullness, pigmentation, uneven skin, sagging nasolabial folds, and sagging apple muscles.” Filorga belongs to the NCTF® series of products and is the world’s first mesotherapy compound formula anti-aging product. It contains so many nutrients and has magical power that it is likened to a “cocktail”.

5) How to use Filorga and its course of treatment?

Filorga Youth Energy can be injected directly by a professional doctor, or it can be injected with a hydro-optical device for better results. A course of treatment is 5 times, and a course of treatment lasts for 3 months. Specific adjustments must be made according to personal skin conditions to formulate an exclusive skin beauty plan. After that, according to the individual skin condition, maintenance treatment is performed every 1-3 months. The more you treat the skin, the better it will be and the more you treat it, the younger it will be.