NEAUVIA’s unique dual-effect water-locking collagen formula moisturizes, locks water and activates collagen

NEAUVIA HYDRO DELUXE was developed in Switzerland and made in Italy. It is the only moisturizing needle with its own collagen on the market and has both “instant + long-lasting” moisturizing needles</strong >Function. Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy, it has been recognized by more than 70 countries around the world. It has also passed EU CE and Korean KFDA certification and has been registered with the Hong Kong Department of Health.

NEAUVIA Ice Needle uses ultra-pure hyaluronic acid combined with micro-calcium particles and two essential amino acids for human body synthesis of collagen (glycine and L-proline). Its particle network structure provides better support and cohesion, and is effective Locks in moisture, balances water and oil secretion, stabilizes skin texture, and promotes the rapid production of collagen in the skin, instantly restoring the skin to a flawless, smooth and translucent state.


✔ CaHA micro-calcium particles stimulate self-generated collagen and restore elasticity

✔ Deep moisturizing, locking in moisture under the skin, repairing moisture balance

✔ Soften skin, reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity and firmness

✔ Revitalizes, tightens and hides pores

✔ Whiten, even out and brighten skin tone

✔ Solve 4 major problems: sagging, dryness, wrinkles, and dullness


Q. Can NEAUVIA Bingbing Needle produce immediate results?

A. One session of NEAUVIA Ice Acupuncture can produce immediate results without any recovery period, reviving the natural translucency of youthful skin. Its hyaluronic acid component is derived fromBacillus subtilis and is known as the “purest” hyaluronic acid. It has extremely low risk of allergy and is extremely safe. Neauvia Ice Needle Hyaluronic Acid has a mesh-like structure, which is different from the granular structure of traditional hyaluronic acid products. It can provide better support and cohesion, helping to maintain the shaping effect >, making the skin hydrated and translucent while making the skin firm and smooth.

Q. Am I suitable for NEAUVIA ice acupuncture?

A. If you feel that your skin is tight and itchy/your skin is dehydrated during the change of seasons, NEAUVIA ice needles can comprehensively moisturize, whiten and reduce fine lines from the inside to the outside. It is faster and more effective than daily care. Better.

Q. Is there a recovery period for NEAUVIA Ice Needle?

A. You can return to normal activities or go to work immediately after completing the treatment.

Q. How long does NEAUVIA ice acupuncture treatment last?

A. Everyone’s physique, skin aging degree and beauty needs are different. Generally speaking, the effect of ice acupuncture is best after completing 4-6 treatments.

Q. Who is not suitable for NEAUVIA Hydro Deluxe?

A. People who are allergic to relevant ingredients, are taking anticoagulant drugs, have anticoagulant-related diseases, have scars, have infection and inflammation on the skin at the injection site, suffer from cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are not suitable for NEAUVIA. Hydro Deluxe ice acupuncture treatment; pregnant women and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor first and obtain consent before proceeding with the relevant treatment.